You went and did what was expected of you

Dear President Trump,

I understand you were visiting people in Texas today, loading provisions into vans, handing out hotdogs, giving hugs. I’m glad. They probably really needed your presence, to have a sense you care about Texans beyond whether they voted for you. I am curious, though, how many Hispanic and African American people you hugged today or who got to pose for selfies with you (if any wanted to). Did you make a point of connecting with all sorts of different people or was it mostly those who wore Trump t-shirts and hats or waved signs saying you are the cat’s meow? I hope you managed to reach out to all sorts of Texans, but honestly, I’d be shocked if this was the case. Like I said, I am glad you went and played the consoler-in-chief part today. It even sounds as though you did a decent job with the people you met. I just hope you actually met and comforted some people who don’t look like you and some people who weren’t rah-rah about you. If you are going to pull this president thing off, you really need to remind yourself every day, or maybe every hour, that you are president to all of us. Those of us who didn’t vote for you are stuck with you and you are stuck with us. It’s a real thing that neither side has the luxury to pretend away — the stakes are way too high for us to put our heads in the sand until you leave office or for you to just ignore us.

I’m going to leave it at that for tonight. You went and did what was expected of you and overall, that’s a good thing. So thank you.

May we all feel safe and cared for by our president.
May we all be happy to have you in our corner if disaster strikes.
May we all be healthy and strong enough to hold you accountable if you let us down.
May all of our lives unfold and intersect peacefully and with ease.

Tracy Simpson

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