Campaign rallies

(drafted on August 23, 2017 due to time constraints on the 24th)

Dear President Trump,

I’m not sure how I’ve missed it that you’ve held numerous campaign rallies since you became president in January. I remember hearing references to them but most of the time they were called “campaign style rallies” so I thought they were just rah-rah Trump fests to bolster support for whatever initiative you were trying to push, like the “Made in America Week” debacle. I finally figured it out today when someone on NPR explained that you filed for the 2020 election on your inauguration day and this has allowed you to collect campaign money and officially campaign for re-election from day one. I was flabbergasted when I heard this. Dumbfounded. Aghast. Pinch-me-I-must-be-having-a-nightmare shocked. Who does this? You are years ahead of when anyone else has ever filed for re-election and it is really beyond disturbing to me. Once again, I have to wonder how you sleep at night and what your karmic debt looks like. Actually, I bet you sleep fine since you probably have no sense that what you are doing is sleazy. Your karmic debt balance, on the other hand, is almost certainly not looking so good.

I’m confused about whether it is permissible for you to bring up presidential issues in the context of a campaign rally. The reporter today mentioned that introducing Ben Carson with his full government title was likely crossing the line with the Hatch Act and that does seem correct given what I just read about it on Wikipedia. I also see there that you and the vice president are conveniently exempt from this law so it is apparently quite legal (if unethical) for you to hint at pardoning someone during a campaign rally or threaten to veto the debt ceiling bill congress will almost certainly send you if it doesn’t have monies allocated for your precious wall. It’s really appalling that you are essentially holding a series of kangaroo courts on major issues facing the American people with only your supporters on hand. Talk about an echo chamber! I know it is futile, but I am going to pray you develop the courage to deal with the whole messy complexity of governing rather than luxuriating in your stultifying bath of myopic adulation.

May we be safe from leaders with overweening pride.
May we be happy to call such leaders out.
May we as a nation be healthy enough to weather your time in office.
May our lives unfold and intersect with integrity and care.

Tracy Simpson

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