Tiny bits of grace

Dear President Trump,

Yesterday I wrote to you about how some anonymous (to me) department of transportation person painted around the zero on the very first white stripe marking a drain on the section of freeway near my house and today I want to tell you about another anonymous (to me) person who is leaving odd little talismans along the nature strip across the street from us. We live on a fairly busy arterial across from a now-empty reservoir that adjoins a small park and we walk our dogs up our side of the block and then down the reservoir side every day. It was a couple of weeks ago that I first noticed the series of egg-size rocks holding down small pieces of paper trash. I checked to see if there was anything written on the pieces of paper, but no, they are just bits of random paper; bus transfers, parts of brown paper bags, receipts, and the like. I hadn’t seen any for about a week but then this morning there were four strung along about 20 feet from one another. I checked again for messages, but nope — still just bits of paper underneath rocks. Super odd. I sit by our front window in the mornings and evenings and look out across the street frequently at the foot traffic but I’ve never seen anyone who looks like she or he is putting rocks on top of bits of paper. So it’s a little mystery and I think it’s quite sweet someone is doing this exceptionally peculiar thing.

You might wonder why I’m choosing to call them talismans since a talisman is technically something believed to have magical properties. Well, I think whoever is bothering to play this funny game of rock-paper (no scissors) is making magical connections linking everyone who walks by the rocks on papers whether we notice them or not. Those of us who have noticed them get a bonus of that sorely needed wistful humor I talked about yesterday. In a way it feels like whoever is setting out these rocks on papers is bestowing tiny bits of grace since none of us walking by have done anything to deserve the amusement or lift we may receive from them — we are just the beneficiaries of someone’s odd, sweet gesture.

I hope you are the beneficiary of some grace soon and I hope you recognize it when it arrives.

May you be safe.
May you be open to joy.
May you be healthy and healed.
May your life be infused with grace and love.
And may you be inspired to share it with the rest of us.

Tracy Simpson

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