They can hang up their hoods

Dear President Trump,

You know, at this point, I think you should just let it all hang out. The KKK people aren’t all wearing their old hoods anymore and hundreds of formerly anonymous Internet trolls are coming out unmasked to parade around with AK-47s and tiki-torches so why shouldn’t you claim your rightful place as their leader. I think it’s time you just drop the pretense and sing the praises of those who would like to round the rest of us up and hang us from tree limbs, burn us at the stake, or force us to dig trenches and then shoot us into them. Really, you’ve been consistent from day 1 and with each new revelation, another hideous piece of the puzzle snaps into place and the full picture of your depravity comes into clearer focus. What is even more disturbing, though, is the scary-ass reality that enough of my neighbors, family members, colleagues, and friends voted for you even though lots of those puzzle pieces were in place well before the election. Granted, it has been demonstrated that Russia gave you a major assist, but still — millions of Americans voted for a man who dogged President Obama with undermining birther accusations and bragged about getting away with assaulting women. They didn’t just make excuses for these fatal flaws of yours; they voted for you because of them, because if you can be so open and out there with your prejudices, so can they. Those hoods must have been getting really hot and stuffy, but now with a president like you, they can hang up their hoods and hoist their guns and torches right out in the open and shout all the hateful venom they want because Donald will provide cover. How very liberating and intoxicating for you all. And f—ing terrifying for the rest of us.

I don’t know if all this is a grand distraction to keep us from focusing on Russia or on what Pruitt is doing and undoing or how you are unconscionably profiting from the presidency, but this is a dark, dark time and it’s really hard to see the spark of divinity in you and your posse, but I have to believe it’s there somewhere so here is a blessing for you all:

May your actions be safe.
May you allow happiness free rein.
May you all tend to your real wounds.
May you all turn from the soul-annihilating path you are on.

Tracy Simpson

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