Green car cues

Dear President Trump,

Turns out my off-the-cuff idea of picking a random object and using it to cue a person (in this case me) to orient toward kindness came in pretty handy today. I drove from Seattle to Portland and decided to go with the green car cue. When I mentioned green cars yesterday I was deliberate about the color choice since green cars are not nearly as common as blue, gray, red, or white cars but not so rare as orange or yellow cars. Before I started out on the road this morning I’d been kind of chiding myself for not allowing absolutely every person I see be a cue for kindness but as I worked with the green car cues I realized that it probably works better (at least for me) to use something somewhat uncommon that catches my attention rather than trying to keep up a constant steady stream of kind attention in response to absolutely everyone. Maybe I’ll grow into that some day but I’m not there yet and the number of green cars I saw on the road kept me plenty on point.

I am pleased to report that the drive wasn’t too bad. There was a lot of heavy traffic where there’s usually a lot of heavy traffic. But it seemed like people were taking it in stride and hardly anyone was doing the jerky “I’m invincible and will make you feel like I’m going to run you off the road if you don’t move out of my way” deal that usually happens, so that was a pleasant surprise. I do think it all felt easier because I was diligently noting the green cars and deliberately thinking kind thoughts for a few seconds. It may be a placebo-like effect but I think I’ll keep practicing it for a while since it certainly can’t hurt. And I’m going to look for people with braids too. I can’t remember what the third thing was but that’s ok. Have you come up with some things to help you remember to slow down and be kind? My sense is you’ve been lax and haven’t done this yet since you are escalating the threats against North Korea. Please put the brakes on all that and recognize that no one’s ego is worth scaring others or actually putting their (our) lives in danger. It’s just not.

May we all be safe and able to feel secure.
May we all be happy to let go of chest-thumping posturing.
May we all be healthy enough to know when to back down.
May our lives unfold with grace and love and kindness.

Tracy Simpson

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