Why be divisive and grasping?

Dear President Trump,

It seems you and Putin forgot (or never learned) that the US governmental structure is based on three branches meant to balance and check one another, executive (currently, lamentably occupied by you), legislative, and judicial. I’m guessing this has come as a quite unwelcome intrusion on your plans to tear up democracy and more overtly empower the plutocracy and an equally frustrating hitch in Putin’s efforts to get Russia’s standing in the world elevated back to “super power” status (mostly to keep in place the plutocracy he has set up there). What a pain for you that some random federal judges could block your Muslim ban from taking effect and what a pain for both you and Putin that Congress could create legislation you couldn’t avoid signing that imposes even more restrictions on Russia. Dang! I bet you are just fit to be tied as the very real limits on your powers become more and more apparent. For sure other presidents have had their wings clipped by the other two branches and for sure this is often done in highly partisan ways (witness McConnell not allowing President Obama to fill Justice Scalia’s seat even though there was nearly a year left in Obama’s term), but you have a Republican Congress behind you and you are still getting hammered by the other two branches in absolutely unprecedented ways.

Most people who keep running into variations of the same brick wall would be pausing and asking themselves what they are doing wrong. Most people would recognize they themselves are the common denominator and would try to figure out a course correction. That doesn’t seem to be your M.O., though, does it? You are trying another shake up of your inner circle and blasting anyone who dares to stand up to you and anyone who has ever stood up to you whether or not they are relevant to the current situation.

It doesn’t quite cover the entirety of this awful situation but you might think about adopting Frank Ocean’s approach: “Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you could just be quiet?” Why be divisive and grasping when you could just be quiet and learn from your mistakes?

May we be safe and protected from overreaching despots.
May we be happy to stand for justice and kindness.
May we be healthy enough to learn from our mistakes.
May we be willing to set aside our differences and get along for the greater good.

Tracy Simpson

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