Gay pride and evolution

Dear President Trump,

Happy Gay Pride Day! I hope you got to take in the DC parade today. I bet you all have a good one. The parade here was wonderful. Lots of people of all different sorts — old, young, brown, black, white, gay, straight, parents with kids, drag queens, kids with parents. I wasn’t able to stay long and only saw a couple of corporate floats, but my daughter went down with some friends and got to see our church’s little float and banner. I am sporting a temporary tattoo of a rainbow comma on my left arm that I got before service this morning. Our denomination has borrowed Gracie Allen’s notion that one should never put a period where God intends a comma and we use it to convey the idea that God is still speaking and we need to listen rather than assume we already have all the answers. Maybe one way of thinking about this is that our understanding of how best to be together in this world needs to constantly evolve and we don’t ever get to just be done. The parades all over the country today are a pretty fantastic demonstration of how we have evolved and are evolving. I learned this morning at church that 2017 marks the 47th year of there being such things as gay pride parades and I remembered that my first one was in 1982 after my freshman year in college. So, so much has changed in 47 years and in 35 year and in 5 years and I think overall, we have gotten better at being together in this world. We have a long way to go, for sure, but how great that it’s absolutely no big deal Laura and I are married and have a daughter. We are fortunate to be here in Seattle where our daughter has never been hassled for having two moms. There are still vast parts of the country where it would not be safe for us to live. There are even vaster parts of the country where it is not safe to live if one is black. There are also vast parts of the country where it is not safe to live if one is disabled or poor or too nerdy. These realities are at odds with our grand idea that all people are created equal, that we all have certain unalienable Rights, and among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, but we are inching closer and we are going to stay the course.

May we all be safe to live our lives.
May we all be free to pursue happiness.
May we all be healthy and at liberty to be ourselves.
May our lives unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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