How convenient for the status quo

Dear President Trump,

This morning walking the dogs I saw two parent crows with 11 baby crows scattered across the lawn of the reservoir across the street. I think the crow couple must have been babysitting for their friends because crows only lay 3 to 6 eggs at a time so all those babies couldn’t have been theirs. I saw the first baby crow I recognized as such on Friday. It was scruffy and wobbly on its feet and in the air. Watching it made it much clearer why crow parents tend to be so protective, even irrationally so as I learned firsthand last year when they marked me as a baby crow endangerer and came at me so many times I was afraid to be outside for a couple of months.

Did you read David Brook’s editorial last week on fathers who leave their children? Toward the end he calls out a man named Harold Green who read his poem about fatherhood at Rahm Emanuel’s inauguration two years ago. I watched the video clip and it was a powerful poem but it bothers me that Green told his son several times that if he, his son, messes up or if anything happens to him, it will be all Green’s fault as his father. He makes a point of saying the boy’s mother wouldn’t be to blame and he alone would bear responsibility. I understand wanting to take it all on like that since it gives the illusion one is completely in control and if one does everything just right, things will be ok. But even in the relatively safe confines of the White Dream, people do not have this kind of control, and certainly an African American father cannot realistically protect his African American son from the grave dangers he faces in our society. A lot of white people in the audience seemed to perk up when he started talking about being to blame if anything happened to his son and everyone clapped super enthusiastically when he said it a third time. How convenient for the status quo if the father is willing to take the blame should his son be perceived as disrespectful or furtive or unpredictable by a police officer or someone looking to “stand their ground” who shoots him. But this is bullshit and we shouldn’t be let off the hook like this. We are all responsible, including you.

Because my deep sense is we all need protective blessings, I’m going to send you your blessing differently today and will wrap you up with the rest of us.

May we all be safe.
May be all be happy.
May we all be healthy and strong.
May all our lives unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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