Two temporary most difficult people

Dear President Trump,

For the first time in six months you were not my most difficult person this morning when I said my LKM prayer. That doesn’t mean you aren’t actually still my most difficult person, but this morning two people beat you out. Last night we were sitting on the couch when we heard car tires screeching and then a big bang. Some guy lost control of his car going North on the arterial in front of our house because he took the curve way too fast on wet slick roads. He jumped the curb, spun out, rammed through our landscaping, and ended up with the back end of his car on top of our front fence. We were all set to go make sure he was ok but he took off. That was the completely shitty part. Fortunately we got his license number and called it in right away. The officer who came and took the report had seen him a couple of miles up the road and tried to catch him but he got away. They know where he lives though, so hopefully he’ll at least have to pay for the damage he did. We’ll see. The second guy was stealthy so we don’t know when he stole our car, but when I went for my run this morning it was gone. We’ve had that car for 27 years and even though it was worth no money at all, we loved (love) it. So this morning they were my most difficult people.

It was about as hard to wish them well as it is to wish you well but it felt important to do, at least in principle. I can’t say it actually made me feel any better or especially righteous or anything. It might have helped blunt the bitterness and resignation I was feeling about how awful it is that people are awful to each other. Maybe a little, anyway. When this sort of thing happens, especially one right after the other, where people either fail to step up and take responsibility when they f*** up or when they deliberately do something to harm you, it’s hard to hang in with positive feelings about humans and the state of the world. Of course I know intellectually that the vast majority of people would not behave in these ways, but when one is personally bombarded with such things and there is so much hateful stuff going on in the world, it’s awfully hard to remember. And really, you are not helping. Can you please stop focusing on yourself and be presidential?

Since you are still you and you are still my absolutely most difficult person, here is your blessing:

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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