Selling the planet’s future to the highest bidders

Dear President Trump,

Maybe people on the far right felt this way when Mr. Obama was president, that every time they blinked he and his administration were doing something odious and suspect. What’s more, this perspective was layered over an even deeper suspicion he could not legitimately serve as president after you stoked the whole birther nonsense. There’s a certain horrible similarity between things then and now. Every day brings another unthinkably stupid scary move or threat that has liberals and many moderates perpetually on guard and anxious. Moreover, all this activity is precariously set upon the crumbling edifice of your electoral college win. Really, though, the parallels between your two presidencies and how they are perceived by the opposite camps only go so far because the questions of illegitimacy for both administrations were sown by you. One of the worst things about how you all are playing this round, though, is you are attacking on so very many different fronts that people who should be natural allies with one another are feeling abandoned and betrayed by one another. There are dozens of examples and really, it’s an awesomely great divide and conquer sort of strategy; someone in your camp is awake and thinking effective cynical thoughts and executing them pretty damn well. Or is it Putin? Both?

The main focus of my morning rant is your hesitation about the Paris Climate Agreement. It seems you have sort of come around to the idea that climate change is at least exacerbated by human activity and now that you can’t credibly be a complete CC denier, you are going with the straight up economic argument that’s been driving the CC denials all along; serious effort to curb human contributions to climate change would be bad for US business. Do you feel better having been honest about this or is it even harder to look in the mirror having faced that you are willing to sell the planet’s future to the highest bidders? How about you roll up your sleeves and figure out how to profit from saving the planet? It would be much harder than just doing the same old thing, but aren’t you all equal to the task? We are not a bit player in this. We have to stand up and shoulder our fair share of the burden.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully over time.

Tracy Simpson

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