I’m sick of this version of the story

Dear President Trump,

You know how in the over-the-top evil villain kids’ movies there’s always incredibly unbelievable plot twists and turns to keep things moving and confusing and then at the end the big reveal is that it’s some unimpressive little (as in short or totally loser-like) guy who comes out of nowhere who has masterminded the whole thing? I think most of us have seen our fair share of those movies. It’s such a go-to story. Well, really, I think it’s a go-to story line for men who feel their genius and gifts have been unfairly overlooked while they have been the object of ridicule and disdain. In the stories their barely disguised alter egos get to reign supreme and hold the world hostage for not having given them their due before their finger was on the destruct-all button. While we wait for the inevitable good triumphing over evil we have to listen to overly long screeds about how desperately misunderstood and under-appreciated they were as children and how their only logical choice in life was to become angry arrogant despots. Because these are kids’ movies the threat is always instant death to all and not long drawn out death preceded by cruel suffering. Also, because these are kids’ movies the evil one is always outsmarted or overpowered and somehow vanquished by the perky (white) hero or heroine.

Well, although there appear to be plenty of unbelievable and confusing plot twists and turns, the story we are seeing play out with Russia and you doesn’t quite fit the standard story line. Yes, you and Putin certainly fit the insecure arrogant angry villain cliché, but you two are already obviously the central characters and it’s unlikely there will be a big surprise reveal about either of you when the whole thing gets untangled. But, as I write this, I’m realizing it is possible there’s some third mystery man who’s really pulling the puppet strings on the two of you and the dozens (hundreds?) of other implicated people, kind of like a shadowy family tree with a gloating ghoul at the apex. Hmm. Whatever is going on and whoever is involved, you all are clearly doing the awful, cruel, prolonged-suffering-before-death version of the story so I wish we could just hurry up and get to the end when you all are vanquished for good. And I don’t want a sequel.

Regardless of whether some version of this is or isn’t true, you need all the blessings you can get so here is another from me:

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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