As many Achilles’ heels as an octopus

Dear President Trump,

Firing Director Comey is just the latest episode in your over-the-top made-for-TV mini-(I hope)-series, a surprise dramatic twist that really makes perfect sense even if the logic offered is painfully obviously flawed and was just a bone thrown out because you had to say something, anything. Unfortunately, while it has all the trappings of espionage fiction run amok because the arch villain is pulling out all the stops to save his evil empire plans, this garbage has real world consequences. In the short run those consequences will almost certainly be bad for the American people (and environment) and the world because you all bought yourselves more time to do more damage. In the long run, though, this most obvious of ducks is the signal you all are losing your grip and you know it. Smart powerful people are onto you. Sidelining the Director and bringing in another toady to confuse things isn’t going to stop those smart powerful people from doing what they know is right and fair. Eventually, you are not going to be able to outrun your deeds. Karma’s a bitch when you are bad to her.

I said yesterday your Achilles’ heel is insecurity and I stand by this. However, I think you have as many Achilles’ heels as an octopus would have (maybe more) if they had heels. Insecurity, greed, a past you can’t erase, weak co-conspirators, a fan base that believes anything you tell them, no moral compass, low IQ, and disdain for others are all serious problems for you, any one of which could topple you. Aside from the lack of moral compass, disdain for others, and maybe greed, I don’t think you can do much about these issues but if you were to try and develop an actual moral compass that is guided by generosity and compassion for others it would go along way in defusing the others. Unfortunately, I think we need some serious fairy dust since I don’t see you going the moral compass route on your own any time soon. So I’ll pray for the smart, powerful people who are going to pursue the truth relentlessly, and I will continue spitting into the wind with blessings for you;

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully (as in DO NOT start a war to further distract and demoralize).

Tracy Simpson

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