Positivity – day 9, witnessing humble justice and mercy

Dear President Trump,

If I stayed focused yesterday on what I was hearing and seeing right around me, the themes in ascendance were doing justice, showing mercy, and embracing humility. If I focused on what was going on in the larger political realm that was most certainly not the case. In fact the opposite was true, baldly displayed in your tax proposal that seeks to more egregiously than ever steal from the poor to benefit the rich. Plenty of people are calling out the sick, ill logic of your proposal so rather than wasting precious time and characters on it I’m going to lift up what I saw and heard here at home yesterday.

First, the women vets in my harm reduction group supported each other in identifying ways to keep themselves on track with their recovery even when people around them are pushing to get them to revert back to drinking or using heavily because they were easier to deal with drunk or high. Not only did they address their own self-care in this often tough dynamic, they talked about their efforts to be kind in their words and deeds with their difficult friends and family members. They were showing mercy on multiple levels. Then I got to meet with another veteran who used to be in that group and is now eight years sober. In her job she is concentrating on fostering respect among team members and finding ways to insure that everyone feels valued and heard. Through her I got news of another veteran who had been in the group and is now volunteering a day a week to give homeless people in her community haircuts to help them feel better about themselves.

All these women are humbly doing justice and showing mercy and their lives and stories are wonderful counterweights to the arrogant injustices and greed dominating the headlines. They are learning to hold their heads up high without looking down on others, and we are fortunate to have them in our midst.

May you be blessed soon with people who show you how to do justice, give mercy, and walk humbly and may you follow their lead for everyone’s sake.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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