You are not a resurrection sort

Dear President Trump,

I wish you were a president I want to wish a Happy Easter, but you aren’t. You are not a resurrection sort of president who is invested in bringing about positive, creative change for the good of the people. In fact, you have shown yourself to be someone who is invested in sowing hate, division, mistrust, and fear to keep the people off-balance so you can wring as much profit as possible from the situation. You have stacked your administration with rich people who have more conflicts of interest than we can ever possibly accurately tally and you all seem hell bent on shoving the rest of us over a cliff. Sometimes I can’t help but think that we’ve already launched off the cliff and are in free fall. I hope not, but things sure look and feel grim.

I want to believe the reports that are swirling around of a tape from you to Putin asking him to hack the election in your favor in return for us lifting sanctions. Unfortunately, it seems too stupid for anyone to have done and thus, too good to be true. I suppose it’s possible that it went down this way. I could see a scenario where Putin needed something that would absolutely compromise you if you were to not follow through on the promised sanction lifting. But still. It all seems far-fetched. We’ll see.

I will be so glad when we can be off this roller coaster that is your administration. Especially since it mostly seems to be going down incredibly fast and we are all hanging upside down with safety belts that are visibly frayed. Very scary.

Did you get some good golfing in this weekend? Have some nice meals? Come up with more ways to avoid taxes and to use your position to pad your bottom line? All in a day’s “work,” I bet. On that pretty cynical (and fed up) note, here is your blessing:

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy and strong.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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