Deals with Devils don’t leave much for the rest of us

Dear President Trump,

This morning on my run it was dark. There was a raised part of the sidewalk I didn’t see and I went down hard. Fortunately I didn’t break anything but I’m quite banged up and it looks like someone punched me in the mouth with rough sandpaper taped to their fist. It hurts. Why am I telling you this? In part because I can’t bear to deal with the bomb you dropped on Afghanistan today or the Russian election interference/collusion or your threats to preemptively bomb North Korea. Tonight I just don’t know what to say about all this — I am too sad and scared about it all right now to be coherent. You are running further and further amok and it’s terrifying.

What I can say is that I doubt even if you are somehow in office for a full term, you will ever do anything about infrastructure problems, like bad sidewalks and pitted roads. Although I suppose if you or Kushner stood to make some serious money from infrastructure projects, some could get going. But jobs for regular workers and improved conditions for the American people, I just don’t see you actually making these things a priority. So things will continue to fall apart because wealthy people will continue to get away with not paying their fair share and we will continue to over-fund our already largest-in-the-world-by-several-orders-of-magnitude military. Supporting these causes (rich people getting exponentially richer at the expense of middle income and poor people and the ability to inflict death and destruction anywhere, anytime with the flip of a switch) doesn’t leave much for anything else, like even sidewalks, safe streets, decent healthcare, paying teachers living wages, taking care of the environment, having safety nets for mentally ill people. The list could go on nearly forever and it just keeps getting longer because of your skewed, selfish priorities. It all still feels like a nightmare and although I do try to find compassion and understanding for the people who voted for you, it’s really hard given what they unleashed on the world. But I guess when people are glued to their devices and are willing to believe whatever pabulum they are fed, we end up with scary autocrats who are in it for themselves (and/or for foreign agents).

I need to go ice my knee so I will close now and leave you with your daily blessing:

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy and strong.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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