Lizard brains

Dear President Trump,

There’s an awful lot in the news lately about infighting and tensions within your administration. I imagine you are feeling stressed and frustrated, and scared. I imagine you all are feeling these ways as your crooked house of cards folds in on itself. One of the crappy things about being an untrustworthy bully and surrounding yourself with other untrustworthy bullies is that you can never, ever feel safe and you can never, ever actually be safe. You might be able to do a lot of damage together (and make a lot of money along the way) while it is in all of your individual best interests to play along and cooperate with one another, but as soon as things get tense and it looks like you are going to be caught, everyone automatically starts betraying, blaming, and undermining their fellow untrustworthy bullies. It’s like a nest of vipers that’s been kicked. Some of the vipers come out and start biting whoever is around the nest and some continually bite other vipers inside the nest because they are getting bit themselves and are too riled up to think straight. You might call it “lizard brain.” That’s what your White House looks like right now; a lot of spoiled, bull-headed lizard brain boy-men who are used to getting away with pretty much everything, who suddenly aren’t getting away with everything and are not stepping up and handling it like adults but rather are biting each other in the ass.

I hope you see, at some level, somehow, that we have to get to the bottom of whatever happened with Russia. We cannot let Western values be lost and allow the bulk of civilization to devolve back into a broken dark age where individual lives have no value beyond what profit can be wrung from them for the overlord (to put it bluntly). I don’t know if you will deep down be relieved when all of whatever went on with Russia is revealed. If they are blackmailing you and all this over the top cruel, greedy stuff you are doing is to appease your tormentors, you may well be happy to have it all end. And, this is probably giving you too much credit.

Whatever the truth is, you are in need of all the positive energy that can possibly go your way and I am in need of not holding hot coals to throw at you so here is your blessing:

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy and strong.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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