It’s like the house next door is on fire

Dear President Trump,

I really don’t like waiting until the very end of the day to write to you. I much prefer getting it over with first thing in the morning because I’m mentally and emotionally freer the rest of the day. Unfortunately though, even when I do write you in the morning my thoughts are still pretty dominated by you the rest of the day. I don’t want you in my head this much but trying not to think about you doesn’t work, and really, it is about as sensible as trying not to think about the house next door being on fire. I have to think about you because it really is like the house next door is on fire and the people there are in danger and my house and I are in imminent danger. What you all are doing is that serious and scary, so on balance, I think it’s pretty sane that I think about you a lot. The rub though, is that if the house next door were actually on fire, I could do something about it. I could call 911 and make sure my neighbors got out safely. I could do all sorts of actual, instrumental things that would make a real difference. With you and your administration the truly shitty thing is that there seems to be very little I can do to make a real impact. The twisted corruption of your presidency is so profound and widespread, I’m beginning to despair that we will ever be able to recover and I feel powerless to do anything about it. Even if it does become clear you colluded with Russia to influence the election in your favor and you are impeached as a traitor, there appears to be no constitutionally consistent way to start over with the election process and the Republican party will have fraudulently gained control of the White House and quite possibly both branches of Congress. Apparently it didn’t occur to the founding fathers that anyone would ever betray democracy and the American people in such a way so there is no fair remedy. This is a pretty depressing way to end the day and I’d much prefer thinking about almost anything else, but here we are.

May you be safe and stop inflicting harm.
May you be happy and stop inflicting misery.
May you be healthy and stop inflicting dis-ease.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully (meaning don’t start a war).

Tracy Simpson

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