Russian shadows

Dear President Trump,

I’ve said much the same thing before but it bears repeating; I’m tired of lurching from one crazy disastrous thing to the next that you and your administration are doing or saying each morning and then again each evening. There was a bit of a reprieve on Tuesday when it seemed like maybe you were poised to be more reasonable about immigration but we are back in the thick of it (or really, the spotlight is just back on the thick of it) now, for sure. I don’t know whether I really want the concerns about your campaign having been in contact with Russian officials to have merit. What would this mean for the country going forward? How would we address this and could we address it in a way that doesn’t completely tear us apart?

Even though we can’t control what all would happen if the accusations are proven true, we do need to get to the bottom of it. If you and/or your campaign colluded with a foreign government or foreign agents to tip the election in your favor, that is completely unacceptable and you should not be in office. I actually have no doubt, just belief, on this one and still feel quite sane.

I realize you are likely to believe it’s in your best interest to try and avoid having these issues examined closely. I bet you are miserable right now at the prospect of an inquiry. But this is another situation where you need to step up (again no doubt, just belief, and feeling sane). An independent inquiry that does not involve Sessions is the only way to go if for no other reason than if you and your campaign didn’t do anything wrong, the public will not believe it unless there is a transparent, clean independent inquiry. It’s the only way and you have to do it.

So, in the interest of sending you strength and courage in the face of an overwhelming situation,

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect with ease.
May you choose the righteous path.

Tracy Simpson

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