Erskine’s send-up skits and Poe’s prophetic short story

President* Trump, I’m certainly not one of them…. But I’m betting a rather large proportion of US residents over the age of 10 are obsessively checking their go-to news and social media outlets to see whether you’ve succumbed to COVID. And yes, I’m sure you’ve got a chunky loyal contingency that’s sitting in darkened rooms … Continue reading Erskine’s send-up skits and Poe’s prophetic short story


Dear President Trump, Just now my fingers seemed to want to type “President Tramp” but I overrode them and fixed the typo. I think though, if my fingers had decided to swap in an “o” for the “u,” I might have gone with it today – “President Tromp” fits our current situation exceedingly well since … Continue reading 99,805

Mayday, mayday!

Dear President Trump, Happy May Day. Happy International Workers’ Day. Happy (I guess….. not) First Day of the Fourth Month of Life As We Knew It No Longer Existing. And here we are. The stooped woman wearing the same brown corduroy pants and turquoise coat she wears every day is walking her (very) elderly chocolate … Continue reading Mayday, mayday!