Women who betray other women

President* Trump, Now, I don’t for a minute think the real Amy Coney Barrett was abducted by her husband in cahoots with a band of wife-killer husbands and replaced with the butter-won’t-melt-in-my-mouth, perfectly poised non-committal woman who participated in the SCOTUS confirmation hearings this week. Nope, we can’t chalk her perfectly scripted responses up to … Continue reading Women who betray other women

The ends and the means

President* Trump, Yesterday morning when I set out on my walk I didn’t have anything specific in mind to write to you about. I figured something would occur to me in my perusal of the news or in reaction to the day’s poem (which, by the way was incredible and can be read here: https://poets.org/poem/five-horses-doctor-ramon-emeterio-betances?mc_cid=2d4fec3e74&mc_eid=03fcdf422b). … Continue reading The ends and the means

A heavy letter about sexual violence and lack of access to abortion

Dear President Trump, You probably know better than most that domestic violence often doesn’t stop with psychological and physical abuse; it frequently includes sexual violence. And we all know that when perpetrated in the context of heterosexual relationships, sexual violence can lead to unwanted pregnancies and such pregnancies serve to keep women and their children … Continue reading A heavy letter about sexual violence and lack of access to abortion