Facts matter

Dear President Trump, If sending these letters to you were contingent on anything, today would be a skip day for me. I’m just wrung out and so thoroughly disgusted with you and your administration I’d really rather spit nails at you then write you. But this letter writing practice is not contingent on anything, not … Continue reading Facts matter


Dear President Trump, I hesitate to tell you about what’s been happening for my little family today because even in the medium scheme of things, it’s not really a big deal; certainly not life and death like things are for so many other families. I’m still in San Diego attending my annual work conference. Our … Continue reading Unforgivable


Dear President Trump, You are getting it from all sides. Even Melania has a carefully crafted statement calling out the reprehensible nature of your cynical family separation policy. You will no doubt want to close your eyes and plug your ears in a “see no evil, hear no evil” kind of defensive defiance, but Mrs. … Continue reading Monstrous