Memo Mess

Dear President Trump, The Huffington Post seems to be on to you, thank goodness. You have to scroll down a ways, but they are running an article pointing out how several conservative news sites were leaked the Nunes memo before it was officially released, which all but confirms that the point was really to provide … Continue reading Memo Mess

Some good news

Dear President Trump, Fortunately today the WP folks started calling out the cynical underpinnings of Devin N’s memo and your rousing endorsement of it. WP columnist Max Boot pointed out that the memo is really about making sure you have 34 GOP Senators willing to vote “no” should impeachment proceedings be initiated against you after … Continue reading Some good news

Love is love

Dear President Trump, It’s nice to see a few Republican congress people showing some backbone and putting a sliver of a wedge between themselves and you regarding Devin N’s memo and what it does and doesn’t mean for the Russia investigation. It is confusing, though, that Gowdy, who apparently helped draft the memo, is now … Continue reading Love is love

Domestic violence is rightly part of the conversation now

Dear President Trump, I haven’t seen the pictures yet of you sitting at your pristine (no-real-work-ever-gets-done) desk signing the budget, but I’m sure those images will make the rounds. What we won’t see are the lumps in the rug and the straining closet doors where you hid the mess. And I bet there was more … Continue reading Domestic violence is rightly part of the conversation now